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winter scents

Heavy clothing and fall in temperatures during winter does not allow the perfume to emanate easily hence you need a perfume which is more intense. Here is our pick

There’s much to be said for an impeccably groomed, well-attired persona, the package neatly wrapped together by an indelible thread of the perfect fragrance. While it is true that choosing a perfume is entirely a matter of individual taste, it is equally true that one’s choice of perfume must also take into account the occasion and most definitely the season it is being chosen for. “A person is completely dressed only when wearing the correct fragrance, ”opines Tony Chin, Singapore-based perfume expert. “Different seasons have different perfumes. Spring and summer are all about light floral fragrances. Come winter and it’s time to go musky, woody and oriental. While summer fragrances are meant to make one feel calm and cool, winter fragrances are all about sexy heat,” he notes.

Mazen Baki, Perfume and Eyewear Director, Cartier, elaborates further, “The main difference is that winter perfumes should be stronger and heavier, which is a result of stronger raw material, such as musk and patchouli whereas summer scents should be made of lighter raw material like citrus, lavender and bergamot”.

One of the primary reasons, of course, for the differentiation in seasonal scents is the difference in body chemistry and perfume in differing climates. In winter, if your skin is dry and dehydrated, your body needs fragrance that is warm and intense, as compared to other seasons. “Fragrances linger well on skin that is not dry, which enhances the staying power of the fragrance,” says Chin.

Baki interjects, “Contrary to summertime, there is generally not much direct contact between the perfume and body tissue, hence the inner body chemistry doesn’t play as important a role.”

He, however, concurs with Chin as he says, “Still, the feel and sense of cold weather have a tendency to give acceptance to warmer scents over fresh scents as these are supposed to give the user a feeling of coolness.”

Accepted then, that winter scents are distinct and unique, but which fragrance family do they belong to and what do they ideally smell like?

Baki opines that “Woody, Musky and Oriental” are appropriate for winter, while Chin is more elaborate. Says he, “Many characterise the smell of winter as the scent of pine trees, baked goodies and spices. These familiar scents give off a scented aura that puts everyone in the mood for festive holidays. There are many fragrances for both men and women who want to get into the mood for the holiday season by incorporating these familiar winter essences. Many men’s colognes, typically considered seasonal, combine outdoorsy scents such as leather and wood with cinnamon and amber for a sweet, yet masculine smell; other masculine ingredients are bergamot, cedarwood, patchouli and tangerine. Women should stick to full rich scents with sweet notes. Many perfumes combine the gently sweet notes of tropical fruits, with sugary notes. If you are a woman who prefers a darker, more sultry scent, you could look for a perfume that combines musky florals with almost sweet ingredients. Even a body spray that contains peppermint, vanilla. fig, pine or pie/dessert flavoured scents is perfect for winter. If you’d like to be a little bold, try a body spray that includes a festive shimmer or a hint of glitter to add extra flair to your winter look.”

Overall, it is an accepted norm to opt for heavier, more intense perfumes in winter. Explains Chin, “During winters, heavy clothing and fall in temperatures does not allow the perfume to emanate as easily as it would in spring or summer, hence the preference for more intense perfumes in winter.’’

M Baki summarises it best as he concludes, “True, stronger scents are preferred in winter because they relay a feeling of intimacy which in turn leads to feelings of warmth and cosiness.’

Here are our hottest picks this winter.

Victoria by Swiss Army is feminine, yet stylish, simple and discreet and befits every occasion. Gentle floral accents of freesia introduce and brighten the top note, blackcurrant, berries and plum give off an air of festivity and liveliness. A tender and powdery texture is revealed by Bulgarian Rose and violet, while lily of the valley evokes the naturalness of fresh flower petals and the aqueousness of morning dew. Tender
sandalwood and cedar structure the base, enveloped in warm ambery Myrrh and the voluptuous sensuality of Musk.

Cool Water Night Dive by Davidoff, an extension of the iconic Cool Water is a fresh, sensual woody floriental. A rich and powerful blend of complementary notes that makes an enchanting seductress out of every woman. It opens with sparkling Italian Mandarin that invites you to dive deeper into this stirring perfume. The key signature at the heart of this perfume is an aromatic absolute of Lentisque Wood-herbaceous, woody and distinctive. The entrancing trail comes from the elegant blend of Oriental Patchouli and majestic Cedarwood that give this potion its depth, amplitude and a touch of mystery.

La Nuit De Boheme by Anna Sui is a deep, attractive oriental, woody floral that epitomises its creators commitment to non-conformity. It begins with notes of Calabrian Bergamot, Mandarin, Blackberry and forbidden Apple. The heart unfolds nuances of Black Rose,Orange Blossom,Night Jasmine, Magnolia and juicy Plum.The drydown is a warm medley of Sandalwood,Patchouli,Amber and Musk.

Declaration Dun Soir from the House of Cartier is the apex of elegance, brimming with fatal tension. This after dark winter perfume is full of heady charm and impactful elegance. It opens at the top with a pinch of mild chilli. It has a potent dash of pepper at the heart , concluding with the homely scent of sandalwood combined with a virile punch of musk. The iconic glass bottle of this fragrance is decked out in full Black Tie and accentuated with a flash of Red.

Guess Night, a fresh new woody fougere fragrance is full of sexy energy and confidence to conquer the night. It is created for an adventurous man who is daring. It opens with the top notes of hot pepper, grapefruit and Malaysian elemi. At the heart is cedar wood, geranium and Haitian vetiver and at the base you have notes of Indonesian patchouli, black vanilla and Spanish labdanum.


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