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G O O D L I F E -  urvashi and taraana  vaswani
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flower power

From floral fruity, woody to floral foodie, we round up the very best of the flowery fragrances, which will help lend you the perfect mood with a fresh and elegant feel

Flowers, and the floral olfactive since time immemorial have been synonymous with the timelessness of seasons, poetry and love. As Mazen Baki, international perfumes director, Cartier (Middle East), affirms, “Flowers are and will continue to be among the most important elements in the world of perfumery.” As the art of perfumery evolved and developed, over time, the revered art of floralcy in perfumery started to encompass other strains of different perfume families into its fold, such as spices, woods, and even gourmet influences. And thus the creation of the modern floral classics evolved. Here, we introduce you to the new floral families and their classic fragrances.

Floral Fruity
These fragrances bear notes of fruits such as lychee, pineapple, cherry, grapefruit, etc, that, in combination with floral essences, make for fresh and lively compositions. These scents are usually ideal for summertime with a sweet and tangy, sometimes tart but always delicious piquancy about them. Vivacious and vibrant, American hotel heiress Paris Hilton’s latest launch, Dazzle, is an example of the Floral Fruity fragrance family. Developed by perfumer Frank Voelkl, the fragrance opens with pink lady apple, maraschino cherry, peach nectar and violet flower petals, pink calypso orchid and orange blossom at the heart and a base of vanilla, pink champagne, white patchouli and musk. The perfume smells rather candyesque but not oversweet and as with most concoctions in this category, is youthful, fun, lively and exuberant.

Floral Woody
These are olfactory creations that merge primarily floral accords with woody essences, often at the heart or base notes. Sandalwood is most popular, then you have other accords such as elm, beechwood and other white or blonde woods. Falling into this family is couturier Anna Sui’s latest creation, La Vie De Boheme. The travel and adventure-seeking, Sui puts it thus, “I am always attracted to a downtown vibe, a bohemian spirit that I always come back to. La Vie de Boheme lifestyle evolves, but the woman and her fragrance remains the same—a bit defiant, artistic, and romantic.” In this creation, floral and fruity notes are juxtaposed against woody notes at the base that lends a hint of sobriety to an otherwise naughty, somewhat irreverent medley. La Vie de Boheme opens with Turkish rose, sparkling pear-kissed with rich burgundy berries and dragon fruit accord, as it develops a heart of peony notes, pink freesia, red magnolia is revealed underlaid with electric white woods, sheer musks, tart raspberry, black vanilla and sandalwood accords at the base. A truly individualistic creation that can be your own everyday use—wear it as you will.

Floral Spicy
This family incorporates a fairly liberal use of spice notes such as pink pepper, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon alongwith flower notes. Traditionally these notes were used more in the realm of masculine perfumes but are now finding their way into feminine fragrances as well, due to the air of freshness and vitality they exude. Halloween Man from J.Del.Pozo is an invigorating, energetic perfume that fits this category. This modern masculine fragrance, entices with bold top notes of apple martini, violet leaves, grande verte basil and mandarin, a heart made up of aphrodisiac ginger, cinnamon, lavender and Tunisian orange blossom before settling upon a base of sexy leather musk, grey amber and vanilla. It’s a perfect companion to the contemporary man who is rugged, sporty, athletic yet sophisticated.

These scents are a combination of floral and Oriental notes that include woods, fruits, spices and other fragrance components specific to Oriental regions in origin, namely Yuzu, Bamboo, Green Tea and so on. An enchanting floriental perfume, Japanese Cherry Blossom, has recently been launched by The Body Shop. This perfume is fresh and light, predominantly highlighting notes of mildly sweet cherry blossom from Kyoto, Fuji apple and red magnolia blooms. Bringing character and warmth to this refreshing blend are nuances of Hinoki wood. Simple but amply alluring, this perfume sets the mood for daytime and easygoing evening wear.

Floral Foodie
Gourmet influences are the most recent to have made their appearance in the world of perfumery and are now making their presence felt in a big way. One such floral foodie perfume is Bvlgari’s BLV II, which interprets the essence of a woman with vivacious femininity and irresistible magnetism. BLV II’s olfactive symphony unveils top notes of violet flower, heady star anise, yummy licorice and mandarin orange. The heart is made up of iris absolute, Haitian vetiver and patchouli, while the base culminates with an unusually sensual accord of three amber notes. Sensuousness of Benzoin blends with the intense ambergris and cistus flower ending with velvety musk tones. We suggest this scent for high-octane networking to make a lasting impression.

Floral Citrusy
This composition features predominance of citrus elements, such as Bergamot, lime, lemon, tangerine or mandarin accords in tandem with floral notes. Ascribing to this family is the evocative new scent, Jasmine and Bergamot from L’occitane. This gorgeous perfume commences with notes of mandarin orange and bergamot, next, a heart of jasmine petals and leaves alongwith lemon leaves, before wrapping up on notes of cedar and sandalwood. This lush perfume is multifaceted and reveals its versatility when worn, making it perfect for a night out on the town.


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