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summer strokes

Trendy fashion statements and fun(ky) new looks. Taking a cue from the most stunning beauty looks from fashion runways from around the world, we present the most eye-catching new beauty trends this season

This make up can make a Plain Jane into a glam goddess and is ultrapopular, right now. Agrees Lory Leib, make-up director at Bodyography, U.S.A, “Metallics are seen all over the runway this spring and summer, this look is not only flattering and trendy, but can easily translate from day to night with the addition of liner and mascara. Brown metallics are all the rage in
shades of gold and bronze. Create a sultry smokey eye swiping a bronze metallic cream shadow all over the top lid and bottomless line, add mascara and a nude lip and you’ll be right on trend.”

Eliano Bou Assi, director of artistry, Bobbi Brown, agrees, “Metallics are in vogue,” he says. “However, metallic eye shadow after setting can create a creased effect on the eyelids.” The solution? Apply a matte shadow all over the lid before applying the metallic, this will ensure a smooth base and give the eyes a perfect finish.

Do: Take care to blend eye shadows carefully for an even look or you will end up with a cakey, plastered on effect. Don’t: Use a shimmer blush with glittery eye shadow that looks like serious overkill. Do: Emphasise your lips with a rich deep colour for a dramatic effect or a more nude shade if you want to be subtle.

This look derives from the simple inspiration of soft and happy pastels found in a child’s paintbox. The tones and shades to look out for are demure with just a hint of shimmer or a little sparkle in colours like rose, peach, mango, mint, aqua, lavender, primrose, butter yellow and cerulean blue. Agrees Leib, “This summer pastels are making a big comeback - lavender, peach, soft pink and even yellow.” She suggests, “Keep the trend fresh and modern pairing the looks with fresh glowing skin, soft nude or pink lips and lashings of mascara.”

Do: Play around with a number of colours to create a look that is uniquely yours. Experiment with different combinations. Don’t: Go overboard with too much colour on eyes and cheeks at the same time, else you will end up looking like an overripe fruit. Do: Add a soft dash of sexiness to lips with a transluscent swipe of gloss for a matte rosy shade of lipstick. Do: Consider adding a dash of definition by way of a stroke of dark eyeliner or mascara especially if your features are very soft.

Bright and funky, this trend is outré and meant for younger women. Opines Eliano Bou Assi, director of artistr y, Bobbi Brown, “Pop colours are very in right now – mainly suited to a younger age group but you can also adapt it for more mature women. For this you should opt for the same colours but in a sheer version of the same, (instead of a more solid colour) which is something an older woman can easily carry off?” Adds Leib, “Incorporating the pop art trend is easy this season with the popularity of liquid and pen eyeliner. Create bold and g raphic strokes to give your look an artistic edge - pair your graphic eye with a bright statement lip in colors like purple, orange and red”

Do: Choose from bright juicy happy colours. Don’t: Go for this look if you are the shy type. Do: Make sure to try out testers on your skin to ensure that the colours you like actually suit you. Don’t: Go overboard with pairing too many colours at one go, after all you don’t want to look like a human rainbow, do you?



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