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rise of athleisure

What you wear at the gym has become mainstream. As people lean towards staying stylish while feeling comfortable Athleisure is likely to be around for quite sometime

Some trends happen without getting noticed for a long time. That duration could be a month or six months. Have you noticed Ranvir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone and several others appearing at events dressed in a casual wear? Dude they are followers of a new fashion sub-genre which combines the functionality of sportswear with everyday casual wear, called “athleisure” movement. It’s never been cooler to be seen looking like you’ve been working out. The cultural shift is toward casual dressing, gym-to-street clothes which has evolved as an official clothing category, thanks to brands like Lucas High, Paco Rabanne, Brunello Cucinelli, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen and Donna Karan, Free People and Neta- Porter's cheeky Net-a-Sporter.

Designer Neha Agarwal commenting on the trend of wearing gym wear even to places outside says, “The athleisure clothing is comfortable yet stylish. Gym wear does not have to necessarily look shabby and inappropriate for a coffee shop or even for work.”

Rihanna and Kendall Jenner seem to be sporting this super stylish look with tons of confidence, both divas setting a trend as they walk pretty in their athleisure looks. Among Indian celebrities John Abraham, Hrithik Roshan and Malaika Arora Khan have created a style statement, thanks to their casual wear.

Designers are of the opinion that athleisure will be around for quite some time as people lean towards staying stylish while feeling comfortable. A new phenomena which is luxurious but comfortable like yoga pants, velour track suits, cashmere sweat shirts, trendy sneakers, etc. Interestingly there is a hint of luxury and style and worn for casual and semi formal outings giving designers ideas to create looks and collections around this trend and a lot of it has been observed in runways lately. Says designer Shruti Sancheti,
“Athleisure is a vague but a new concept for high end or uber stylish gym or sport’s wear, which double’s up as leisure wear or lounge wear.”

Although athleisure wear is comfortable and stylish, yet they are certainly not substitutes for formal or party wear and tend to look a bit too casual but since fitness and active lifestyle’s are the order of the day, it has gained lot of popularity.

Says Nakul Bajaj, CEO Darveys.com. “Since the trend of casual wear is picking up at great speed we are definitely trying our level best to get maximum essentials online from our partner boutiques- embracing all types, variety, brands and fabrics for both men and women!”





Top Three Looks

The Yoga Pants:
Replace your favourite denim with the comfort of the Yoga pants, preferably a light neutral tone and pair it with smart sports bras and a long-sleeve t-shirt to go on top. Team this look with a cool and smart pair of footwear to complete the look! Hit the gym and go meet your friends for lunch, without needing to change.

The Running Jacket: You can never go wrong with a sporty running jacket. Add a futuristic touch to your casual running jacket by pairing a pair of vibrant sunnies and an eye-pooping tone for your ear-phones. Quirky sneakers add the perfect finishing touches to
this look.

The Spinning Shell: A dual-toned tank over a pair of well fitted capris along with cool wristband and cycling shoes will total prepare you for the mornings. Simply throw on a black on black stripes jacket and sling on a leather duffle bag to arrive at work in style!



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