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    Label : Junelia Aguiar

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    Junelia Aguiar Chandler

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    Label : Sengar in 2011

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    Lalit Sengar

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    Label : Prabhat Kumar Studio
    & Aphrodite

  • photos/vogue6.jpg

    Prabhat Kumar

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    Label : Anavila

  • photos/vogue8.jpg

    Anavila Sindhu Mishra

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    Label: Vilvin

  • photos/vogue10.jpg

    Vilvin Sabu

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    Label : Rouka

  • photos/vogue12.jpg

    Sreejith Jeevan

young & raring

They are not afraid of bending the rules, they are here to redifine India’s fashion future. Meet the new rulers of the ramp

Junelia Aguiar Chandler, 34,
Education: London College of Fashion
Label: Junelia Aguiar

Style Quotient: Completely Western, both high-end and prêt. Prefers bespoke tailoring. Specialised in red carpet events and wedding gowns she doesn’t use much embroidery and keeps away from bling. Loves working with fabrics likelace, kupro, satin, heavy crepe, silk taffeta, silk organza, dupion silk, quilted silk, metallic gold textured lycra and tulle.
Personal Info: Parents considered her desire to be designer as ‘job of a seamstress’ which left her with no option but to complete her B.Com and then venture into fashion studies which she did having saved enough doing job as PR, modeling and acting.
What’s Fashion: “My clothes are good for mothers in the age group of 20 to 60. I prefer to be a dress maker; make
every woman wear personalised and constructed clothes.’’

Lalit Sengar, 25,
New Delhi
Education: NIFT, Delhi
Label: Sengar in 2011

Style quotient: Dressing up men in unique silhouettes, using hand- woven fabric, like linen, cotton, Benarasi silk, Chanderi silk or Sanganeri prints. These are separates that can be teamed up with any attire for any occasion and worn by those in the 18 to 50 age group.
Personal info: Surrounded by ‘geeks’. Everyone in the family is either a scientist or a doctor, Lalit was warned that either he gets into NIFT or become a geek, he preferred to be a fashion designer. As a collegian he trained under TATA Group in leather processing and design dept; with UK based brand NEXT; and under designer Rina Dhaka. Worked with Ministry of Textile, FDCI and WLIFW, Kabir Leathers, Shantanu & Nikhil and S & N tie-up with Adidas.
What’s Fashion: “Fashion for me is style in which one is comfortable. The trends help and guide us but if one isn’t comfortable, then there is no point in following the trend. Men go for detailing and prefer specially made attire than an assembly line piece.”

Prabhat Kumar, 24,
Education: NIFT Kolkata
Label: Prabhat Kumar
Studio & Aphrodite

Style quotient: Subtle, graceful, subdued but high quality leather hand crafted accessories. His high-end leather T-shirts, jackets, suits, shoes, bags and belts have unique designs to suit both domestic and international market.
Personal Info: Son of a village school Sanskrit teacher, he didn’t know the world of fashion industry existed till one of his teacher guided him to try his hand at either NIFT or J.J.School of Arts. Personalised creations are his USP.
What’s Fashion: “The way you carry yourself. You have to find your own comfort zone. And the right accessory enhances your style quotient.”

Anavila Sindhu Mishra, 37,
Education: NIFT, Delhi
Label: Anavila

Style quotient: Like her, her creations are quiet unobtrusive 100 per cent hand woven linen saris for contemporary urban women or saris as an indigenous alternative to jeans and T’s. Feels if tribal women can do all hard labour in saris, so can their counterparts in the metro towns. Indian women look best in saris. “I am a Botanical person so all my embroidery, patchwork on the saris resemble a part of a forest.’’
Work Experience: Worked with brands like Louis Philippe and Wills Lifestyle. Also with a project on textile and crafts of India, a joint collaboration of Ministry of Rural development and NIFT. What’s Fashion: “Be comfortable in whatever you wear. It differs from person to person. It’s a style to suit an individual.”

Vilvin Sabu, 27, Pune
Education: London College of Fashion
Label: Vilvin

Style quotient: Details in design, understated elegance. Converting ordinary wardrobe staples into a luxury brand! Only Western wear but with a definite Indian touch.
Personal Info: Based in Dubai where her parents reside, Vilvin being a fairly tall girl began modelling during her school days. Then on she decided to take a course in fashion design. Inclined towards humanities, she prefers to experiment with fabric, heritage designs, etc. Uses mainly hand woven silks, jute blends and organic cotton with a lot of aesthetically done embroidery work.
What’s Fashion: “It’s is an art. It’s way of expressing oneself. What we may not be able to convey through words we can say it with our clothes. I prefer to call it as visual art.”

Sreejith Jeevan, 27, Kochi
Education: Textile Designs from NID. Had a brief stint at the Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Arts Decoratifs, Paris
Label : Rouka

Style quotient: Simple, elegant and quirky. Prefers to use cottons, silks and keeps away from polysters. Loves to work with local skilled workers.
Personal info: Always good at drawing, was more interested in pursuing a degree in architecture till his teacher guided him to NID. Assisted designer Rajesh Pratap Singh after returning from Paris and established his own label last year.
What’s Fashion: “Fashion is like food—as one is selective in what one eats, so should you be while selecting clothes so that you are comfortable in them and at the same time look elegant.’’


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